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Our Solid Perfumes are made with the finest ingredients of Jojoba Oil, Golden Bee's Wax, Shea Butter and Fragrance Oil.  These subtle scents are gentle on even the most sensative skin types.  These perfumes are packaged in very cool and retro .50 oz. screw top tin, that fit perfectly in your purse or pocket, making it easy to re-apply.  We have chosen scents that compliment, naturally and are not overpowering or offensive.


  • Pay it Forward - A blend of Orange, Lavender, Lemongrass, Pine, Cassis, Patchouli, Fir, Resin, Elemi & Cinnamon.
  • Gardenia - A light floral and true Gardenia scent.
  • Come Together - This is a best seller with a blend of Lemon, Mandarin, Herbaceous Florals, Musk & Vanilla.
  • Spiced Vanilla - A blend of Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Caramel, Jasmine & Sandalwood.
  • Lavender-Fresh and bright Lavender essential oil

Solid Perfume

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